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We have years of experience dealing with blocked drains, leaks and drain repairs, so we know how to get the job done right the first time. Don’t let a blocked drain ruin your day – call Pro Plumber Perth and let our blocked drain specialists take care of your blocked drain for you. Our priority is to provide excellent customer service and a top-notch blocked drain plumbing experience for all our customers.

When it comes to drain cleaning, we have the latest drain cleaning equipment and techniques to get your drains in Perth flowing again, especially when it comes to difficult tree roots that may have caused a blockage. We also offer a no-obligation quote so you know exactly what you’re getting before we start work.

When to Call a Plumber: Signs You Need Drain Services

If you have a clogged or blocked drain, a backed-up sewer line caused by tree roots, or are experiencing any other drainage issues, it is important to call a licensed plumber. Some common signs that you need professional drains services for your blocked drains include:

If you are experiencing any of these plumbing issues in your drainage system, contact one of our licensed plumbers as soon as possible. Pro Plumber Perth is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with all your plumbing problems and drain plumbing needs. We will be able to inspect your drainage system and make the necessary repairs for your blocked drain problem caused by tree roots or other reason.

What We Can Do

Blocked Toilet Cleaning

Our plumbers are experienced in clearing blocked drains from toilets caused by a build-up of toilet paper, sanitary products, children’s toys, or other objects.

Blocked Sink Cleaning

If your sink is draining slowly or water is backing up into the basin, our plumbers can clear the blockage on your blocked drain sink quickly and efficiently.

Drain Unblocking

If your drain is completely blocked, our plumbers will use a drain auger or hydro jet to clear your blocked drains.

Drain Cleaning

If you have a recurring problem with clogged and blocked drains, our plumbers can clean your blocked drains to remove any build-up of soap, grease, hair or other materials.

Drain Repair

If you’re having a drainage problem and your drain is damaged, our plumbers can repair or replace sewer lines, storm drains and drainage ditches.

Drain Maintenance

We offer drain maintenance and plumbing services to help keep your drains clear and prevent future blocked drain problems. Our drain maintenance service includes an annual inspection and cleaning of your drains.

Our Blocked Drain Clearing Technology and Methods

Drain Auger

Our plumbers utilize a drain auger, also called a plumber’s snake, to clear blockages from toilets, sinks, and drains. A drain auger is a coiled wire that is inserted into the drain and pushed through the blockage. The auger is rotated as it breaks up the blockage and allows water to flow freely through the drain.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a process of using high-pressure water to remove drain blockages. Our blocked drains Perth plumbing team will insert a hose with a nozzle into the drain. The nozzle emits a jet of water that breaks up the drain blockage and washes it away. Hydro jetting is an effective way to remove stubborn blockages and is also used as a drain cleaner.

Plumber Installs Pipe Fittings

Drain Camera Inspection

If you have a recurring problem with blocked drains, our licensed plumbers in Western Australia can use a drain camera to inspect your drains and sewer lines. A drain camera is a small, waterproof camera that is inserted into the drain. The camera allows our plumbers to perform camera inspections and see the inside of the drain and identify any drainage problems, such as blockages, leaks, or damage.


Cabling, also called rodding, is the process of using a cable to clear blockages from drains. Our drain plumbers will insert a cable into the drain and push it through the blockage. We use cabling when hydro jetting is not possible or when the blockage is located too far down the drain. Cabling is an effective way to clear blockages and can also be used to clean drains.


Plunging is the process of using a plunger to clear blockages from a blocked toilet, sinks, and drains. Our plumbers will insert the plunger into the drain and push and pull it up and down to create suction. This suction will break up the blockage and allow the water level to flow freely through the drain. Plunging is an effective way to clear minor blockages, especially on toilets.

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